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TTY proxy
Enables real-time manipulation of packets inside live shell sessions.
Layer 7 proxy
Allows real-time reading and manipulation of different layer 7 protocols like databases, messaging, and caching services.
Upgraded protocols
Upgraded remote access protocols. Utilizes HTTP2 and gRPC replacing the SSH2 protocol with better encryption and speed.
Shell Sandbox
Remote sandbox environment for shell executions. Controlled remote sandbox avoids the exposure of weak protocols that use static keys deployed to endpoints.
Identity & Network
Zero Trust Endpoint
Treats the endpoints as an untrusted source that, if breached, won't let attackers get into any of the systems. Blocks attackers even if they get valid credentials.
Zero Trust private network
No inbound traffic to private networks, even from public networks or DMZs. Presents an improvement in networking security compared to jump-host architecture or using VPNs.
SSO Bridge
Advanced Identity Federation with SSO Bridge allows real-time reading and manipulation of different layer 7 protocols like databases, messaging, and caching services.
Simplified Firewall rules
No inbound traffic rules in your firewall reduces attack surface and management overhead.
Least Access autopilot
Automates revoking access to untouched resources, moves towards a least access architecture. Saves security teams from manually writing and matching policies.
Programmable Policies
Policy system based on a programmable API that can be written using a programming language.
API-powered policies
Policies with API access leverage access to external and internal APIs in the authorization decision of your policies.
Extensible policy system
Allows real-time reading and manipulation of packets or sessions inside programmable security policies.
multi-layer authorization
Authorization for internal APIs of custom services. Can authorize pieces of the APIs of the internal services with layer 7 middleware.
Developer Experience
Developer platform
Provides a single place for users to access all they need. Improves the visibility and developer experience through security product.
Backstage plugin
Offers open APIs that allow leveraging all solution features inside custom developer platforms or open-source solutions like Backstage.
any os
Support for any operating system. Compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux client devices.
Consolidate connections
From cloud provider APIs to custom and open-source services, consolidate developer experience, security and compliance into one solution.
Real-time SIEM connector
Connects to other systems and sends events in real time using Webhooks. Sends all user interaction events with your infrastructure to the SIEM system in real time.
Sub-second Incident Response
Potentially malicious activity can reaches SIEM, and trigger an automated response in less than one second. Automates security incident response.
sessions Content search
Advanced Indexing allows searching for terms of sessions across all infrastructure.
Sessions dashboard
Organized, searchable, and filterable dashboard for troubleshooting by any property of sessions.
Automatic Audit Trails
Provides standard structure for audit trails across infrastructure including session contents.
Chatops code review
Real-time reviews of commands or sessions inside modern chat applications.
Automated one-off execution
Execution of one-off scripts or commands in any connection.
Just-in-time access grants
Provisioning of temporary access grants with automatic revoking of permissions and session renewal workflows.
Cloud-native architecture
Ditches legacy architecture with binaries and virtual machines. Uses containers and managed services from cloud-provided primitives. No management overhead.
Artificial intelligence
Real-time AI analysis
Analyze the contents of connections and feeds data to machine learning models for natural language processing. Enables low- effort, plug-and-play AI leverage for data protection.
AI data protection
Catalogs data in real time. Creates on-the-fly policies for resources that are being accessed. Zero-configuration automated policies with AI.
AI generated security policies
Identifies sensitive data with zero configuration. Saves security teams significant time in policy writing and updates.
ETLess Data Lake
Identifies sensitive data (personal identification information, cardholder data, patient data) using machine learning models. Does not require ETL extraction to a data lake, can be used immediately.
natural language audit query
Processes and stores data in real time. Can be fed into machine learning models for natural language processing. Allows running queries across audits using natural language.
AI access patrol
Uses AI to identify and revoke unnecessary access grants. Improves security posture without impacting user experience
Partial redacts
AI semantic understanding enables partially redacts information without removing all context. Identifies and redacts sensitive data while still allowing users to perform their jobs


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