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  • 10 users
  • 500 sessions/month
  • 1 simultaneous session
  • Audit (7 days history)
  • Self-hosted option (self-serve)
  • AI Data Masking
  • Access Control
  • Review
  • Runbooks
  • Priority support
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  • Custom volume users
  • Unlimited simultaneous sessions
  • Unlimited quota for sessions
  • Audit (full history)
  • AI Data Masking
  • Access Control
  • Review
  • Runbooks
  • Self-hosted option (Enterprise Installation Support)
  • Priority support

Secure communication guaranteed. TTY Proxy manipulates live shell session packets, Layer 7 Proxy handles layer 7 protocols, and Upgraded Protocols boost remote access with HTTP2 and gRPC. The Shell Sandbox secures remote shell executions, averting weak protocol exposure.

Developer Experience

We ensure a seamless process with a Developer Platform, enhancing visibility and user experience. The Backstage Plugin allows integration with custom platforms or open-source solutions through open APIs. Compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux, it consolidates connections from various services into one solution, streamlining developer experience, security, and compliance.

Identity & Network

Our Identity & Network solutions focus on security. The Zero Trust Endpoint blocks attackers, even with valid credentials. Zero Trust Private Network enhances security, blocking inbound traffic. SSO Bridge enables real-time manipulation of layer 7 protocols. Simplified Firewall Rules reduce attack surfaces, eliminating inbound traffic rules.

DevSecOps ensures real-time security integration. The Real-Time SIEM Connector sends user interaction events to SIEM instantly, enabling sub-second incident response and automated actions against potential threats. Advanced Indexing and Sessions Dashboard provide an organized and searchable interface for troubleshooting, while Automatic Audit Trails maintain standardized records across infrastructure, including session contents.


We prioritize efficiency and flexibility. The Least Access Autopilot automates least-access architecture, easing manual policy management. Our API-powered policy system supports flexible policies written in programming languages. The extensible policy system allows real-time manipulation within programmable security policies, including precise multi-layer authorization for internal APIs.


Our DevOps solutions streamline collaboration with ChatOps code reviews and facilitate automated one-off script execution across connections. Just-In-Time Access Grants offer temporary access with automated permission revoking and session renewal workflows. Embracing a cloud-native architecture, we eliminate legacy systems in favor of containers and cloud-provided managed services, reducing management overhead.

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Frequently asked questions

How long to get a pilot with a few connections?

In 15 minutes you can get 3-5 connections and an initial set of internal users ready to pilot the solution.

How long it takes to setup all my infrastructure?

One person can connect 500 resources (databases, cloud accounts, etc) in less than one day.

Is self-hosting available?

Yes, you can self-host 100% of the solution and keep your data private inside your network.

How hard is it to self-host?

We provide automations to deploy and manage the solution and it is a lightweight application that runs anywhere, from Kubernetes to on-premises servers. It takes 20 minutes to get the whole self-hosted infrastructure up & running.

How long are pilots?

We see success 3-5 weeks pilots for teams between 300 and 1000 developers. But we are flexible and can provide more time if you need.


Explore the whole collection of open-source web components and elements built with the utility classes from

Needs zero setup
We put in front of a thousand resources in one week. It solved most GDPR, SOC2, and PCI data needs with zero setup for our databases, Kubernetes clusters, and AWS accounts.
Replaced our in-house tool
We replaced our in-house tool for temporary databases access in a week. A drop-in replacement with zero impacts to our internal users. In fact, they liked it better and adoption was organic.
Covered most of our needs
The out-of-the box plugins covered most of our needs. But the superpower is that you can create your own plugins. You can write policies as code with external APIs access.
Best solution! can get to places that even the best solutions out there wouldn't imagine. Live obfuscation of PII inside remote access sessions to the containers of our apps is incredible.