LIVE PII REDACT FOR databases , servers & more. is a cloud-native ssh implementation that lets you edit connections contents live. Add SSO, record sessions, redact PII, multi-sig critical commands, or create your plugin.

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Thiago Mouro
Security Engineer @ Dock

I spent 90% of my time doing repetitive tasks. Using hoop, I created 100+ database automations in one week. Devs got better UX, and I went back to strategic projects instead of TOIL.

Vinicius Suzano
SRE Engineering Manager @ RD Station

We used to have an in-house tool to control access to databases. We could never keep up with the features requested by our internal users. In one week hoop replaced it.

Alysson Regio
Security | Operations | Cloud @ EBANX delivers great developer experience while solving for security. Compliance certifications also become easier when using them.

Matheus Sandre
DevOps Tech Lead @ Enjoei

No security tool has such a deep integration into developers workflows. Removing PII and auditing live Rails Console sessions is impressive.

Simplify developers' lives to centralize all access into one interface.

Stop getting devs ten places to go when working on a bug or incident. Put them one command away from all layers, and not ten steps spread across different tools.

Fix the access security backlog for the whole stack with one tool.

Bake security into ssh instead of gluing ten tools and spending months configuring them.

Replace VPNs and jump servers for private networks access.

Free time to work on strategic cost-saving projects instead of managing jump servers and self-hosted VPNs.

Connect your sso provider to every layer of the access onion

Add SSO to internal network port-forwarding and CLI-based internal apps securing access without support to strong authentication.

A cloud-native ssh implementation

Developers inside container processes like Rails Console, Elixir IEx, Django She’ll, etc.

Central user management that saves hours of creating and updating users in different places

Stop creating the same users inside aws, databases, Kubernetes, ec2, and every other tool in your stack

protect support teams
with DB access

add guard rails to production console access

YOU BUILD, YOU RUN IT - without security compromise.