Secure & reduce break-glass access

Automate users and groups for databases and containers. Add just-in-time access reviews. Transform repeated ad-hoc access into automation in 10 seconds. Every interaction is recorded, and sensitive data is masked with AI.

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Increasing engineering velocity and security for companies such as
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Thiago Mouro
Security Engineer @ Dock

We put in front of a thousand resources in one week. It solved most GDPR, SOC2, and PCI data needs with zero setup for our databases, Kubernetes clusters, and AWS accounts.

Vinicius Suzano
SRE Engineering Manager @ RD Station

We replaced our in-house tool for temporary databases access in a week. A drop-in replacement with zero impacts to our internal users. In fact, they liked it better and adoption was organic.

Alysson Regio
Security | Operations | Cloud @ EBANX

The out-of-the box plugins covered most of our needs. But the superpower is that you can create your own plugins. You can write policies as code with external APIs access.

Matheus Sandre
DevOps Tech Lead @ Enjoei can get to places that even the best solutions out there wouldn't imagine. Live obfuscation of PII inside remote access sessions to the containers of our apps is incredible.

Mask Unstructured Sensitive Data with AI

Manual catalogs of sensitive data across thousands of resources leaves breaches.

Add a plug-and-play filter for unstructured sensitive data from any system before it leaves your serves. Databases, containers, blob storage. PII, PHI, CHD.

Unify, Search and Connect Audits

Audits are expensive: performance, engineering, and maintenance; only to get the basic.

Unify audits structure for hundreds of technologies. Search audits by who, did what, when, where or sessions contents. Connect audits in real-time to SIEM and get millisecond automated incident responses.

Close Identity Gaps with the SSO bridge

Some systems don't support or are expensive to connect with your users directory, leaving risks from the biggest source of data breaches.

Remove keys and credentials from any system in minutes, even if they don't support SSO.

Create Invisible Security Guardrails

Implementing new controls by changing developers workflows is a hard sell to the business.

Developers access resources with native client they already use today and controls happen transparently. Make workflows faster and get organic adoption for a security tool for the first time.

YOU BUILD, YOU RUN IT - without security compromise.

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