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Everything you need to run a secure team

See a real-life example of how Hoop’s access toolkit can resolve large incidents for your team.

Access Management

Bob faces a critical incident at 3 am

He needs immediate access to a specific database, but has hundreds to parse through. After using SSO and MFA, he opens a list of all connections that he can access. Bob searches and instantly finds the read-only database he needs in 10 seconds.

AI Data Masking

He accidentally selects columns of sensitive data

In the chaos of resolving this crisis, Bob selects text-sensitive data columns. The AI Data Masking tool steps in and identifies the sensitive information in real time.  The data is obfuscated, leaving compliance and privacy upheld.

Just-in-time Access

But he can’t update the database

Bob has solved the problem but has no write access to the database. He starts swapping profiles and pasting a tried-and-true query. Hoop takes over. With a scan of his profile and database, Hoop knows exactly who to contact and instantly Slacks a co-worker.

Slack Integration

Alice takes over from a different time zone

She was on dog-walking duty, 30 minutes away from her computer. Alice opens Slack on her phone and sees a notification from Bob. The request is clear, containing team info, database, and script. She confirms the query's safety and approves the request.

Automated Response

Uptime happens in minutes, not hours

Bob is braced for hours of waiting. That’s normal for requests like this, after all. But the green light of approval from Alice takes just 7 minutes. The system starts humming again, nailing the uptime SLA and SLO. Crisis averted!

Session Recording

Bob conducts a post mortem

Could this be a compliance nightmare? Bob looks back at all the potential unsaved queries from the night before. He goes into Hoop’s session recordings and takes a sigh of relief…A neatly organized log of every action. No manual documenting, no admin. Just an auditor-ready structured log.

Pre-approved code templates

Alice spots the same incident 7 days later

She reaches out to the Product team. A permanent fix is two months away, minimum. Alice transfers the solution script to a Git repo linked with Hoop. She embeds variables directly in the code, and it pops up in the Hoop interface. It’s now a fully functional no-code app.

Unlock Engineering Velocity with Hoop

Top companies use Hoop to increase engineering velocity.
Thiago Mouro
Security Engineer @ Dock

We put in front of a thousand resources in one week. It solved most GDPR, SOC2, and PCI data needs with zero setup for our databases, Kubernetes clusters, and AWS accounts.

Vinicius Suzano
SRE Engineering Manager @ RD Station

We replaced our in-house tool for temporary databases access in a week. A drop-in replacement with zero impacts to our internal users. In fact, they liked it better and adoption was organic.

Alysson Regio
Security | Operations | Cloud @ EBANX

The out-of-the box plugins covered most of our needs. But the superpower is that you can create your own plugins. You can write policies as code with external APIs access.

Matheus Sandre
DevOps Tech Lead @ Enjoei can get to places that even the best solutions out there wouldn't imagine. Live obfuscation of PII inside remote access sessions to the containers of our apps is incredible.

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