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When enabled, indexes the contents of executions (sessions) made by users in which you could use a powerful query syntax to search.

Information Available

sessionkeywordthe id of the session
userkeywordthe id of the user
connectionkeywordthe connection name of this session
connection_typekeywordthe connection type of this session
verbkeywordthe type of the execution (exec,connect)
sizenumericthe size in bytes indexed
inputstringthe input sent by the user
outputstringoutput returned from the remote service
errorbooleanif the execution returned an error
starteddatetimewhen the execution started
completeddatetimewhen the execution ended
durationnumericthe duration of the session in seconds

Scope Searching

The scope of the search is bound for non-admin users. Only admin users can search for sessions that belongs to other users using the qualifier user:<user-id>.

Content Truncation

The fields input and output are indexed truncated when it reaches 600KB. You are able to filter sessions truncated using is:truncated in:<input|output> qualifiers.

Experimental Client

You can try the search api with the hoop command line, consult the search syntax page to see how to interact with the API.

hoop search <QUERY>
Search for content in sessions

hoop search QUERY [flags]

--facets strings The facets to display, [connection,connection_type,user,error,verb,duration]
--fields strings The fields to display
-f, --file string The path of the file containing the bleve index
-h, --help help for search
-l, --limit int The max results to return (default 50)
-m, --mark Highlight results
-o, --offset int The offset to paginate results