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This plugin allows teams to review commands before execution or allows time-based sessions.

Users who belong to an approval group can approve or revoke commands. A command is only executed when all groups are approved.

Time-based Sessions (JIT)

When a connection is enabled, the user can interact with the connection based on the requested time.

The command below asks for a 10 minutes access to the connection bash’

$ hoop connect bash --duration 10m
⣷ waiting session to be approved at

After approval, the user can connect again without prompting for review for 10 minutes.

One-time Session

One-time reviews happen when the exec command is used or when the command is executed from our Web Client.

Example of one-time execution that would trigger review on a configured connection that requires review:

hoop exec bash -i 'echo "Hello World"'


Access the Web Client and navigate to the Reviews area inside “Manage”.

Activate the connection you want to configure Review and then hit “Configure”.

Select the groups you want to review commands in that connection and click save.

Selecting multiple groups will require all groups to approve the command before execution.