Rollout Project


Phase 1: Setup - Production Infrastructure Deployment

  • Objective: Lay the foundation for Hoop.dev by setting up the production environment.
  • Checklist:
    • Deploy containers, ingress, and set up persistent storage.
    • Integrate with Active Directory/Single Sign-On (SSO).
  • Requirements:
    • Cloud provider access for Postgres deployment.
    • Kubernetes access.
    • Active Directory management access.
  • Timeline: 1-2 weeks
  • Who's Responsible: DevOps Team

Phase 2: Preparation - User, Connection, and Policy Configuration in Hoop.dev

  • Objective: Get Hoop.dev ready for users by defining connections, teams, and policies.
  • Checklist:
    • Confirm Phase 1 is complete.
    • Define the connections and establish the teams that will use Hoop.dev.
    • Assign and set up User Groups within Hoop.dev.
    • Implement policies to:
      • Specify which users have access to certain resources.
      • Determine who approves connections or executions.
  • Requirements:
    • Admin-level access to Hoop.dev.
    • Credentials for connections.
    • Azure AD group management access.
  • Timeline: 1 week
  • Who's Responsible: Admin Team and IT Security

Phase 3: Rollout - Onboarding & Training for Hoop.dev

  • Objective: Ensure internal teams are comfortable and efficient using Hoop.dev.
  • Checklist:
    • Confirm Phase 2 is complete.
    • Create 'how-to' guides for transitioning existing workflows to Hoop.dev.
    • Onboard the first team and collect feedback.
    • Roll out training webinars as necessary.
    • Host Q&A sessions for clarity.
  • Requirements:
    • Established Hoop.dev policies.
    • Admin-level access to Hoop.dev for training leads.
  • Timeline: 2-3 weeks
  • Who's Responsible: Training Team and First Adopter Team


Pilot Phase (6 Weeks Total)

  1. Phase 1: Setup (Week 1)
      • Deploying containers, setting up ingress, and persistent storage in the QA environment.
      • Integration with Active Directory/SSO.
      • Responsible: DevOps Team
  1. Phase 2: Preparation (Week 2)
      • Defining connections, establishing teams, and setting up user groups in the QA environment.
      • Implementing initial policies in Hoop.dev.
      • Responsible: Admin Team and IT Security
  1. Phase 3: Rollout (Week 3)
      • Onboarding and training for a limited number of users.
      • Creating 'how-to' guides and hosting Q&A sessions.
      • Responsible: Training Team and First Adopter Team
  1. Testing (Weeks 4-6)
      • Extensive testing of the solution in the QA environment.
      • Collecting feedback and making necessary adjustments.
      • Responsible: QA Team and Feedback Collectors

Production Rollout (12 Weeks Total)

  1. Phase 1: Setup (Weeks 1-2)
      • Production infrastructure deployment similar to the pilot but on a larger scale.
      • Responsible: DevOps Team
  1. Phase 2: Preparation (Weeks 3-4)
      • Configuration of users, connections, and policies in Hoop.dev for production use.
      • Responsible: Admin Team and IT Security
  1. Integration with Customer Self-Service Platform (Weeks 5-12)
      • Integrating the solution with the customer’s self-service platform.
      • Enabling developers to start using the solution independently.
      • Responsible: Integration Team and Developer Relations