Basic configuration

If you are running our AWS Stack setup, none of these values are required. They are already set and configured for you.

POSTGRES_DB_URIThe postgres connection string to connect in the database.
API_URLAPI URL address, usually where your DNS will be point to
IDP_URIOIDC & Oauth2 configuration in URI format: <scheme>://<client-id>:<client-secret>@<issuer-host>?<options>

Extra configuration

All fields below are not required but can give you some extra configuration options to attend your needs.

EnvironmentDefault ValueDescription
IDP_AUDIENCEIdentity Provider Audience (Oauth2)
GRPC_URL{API_URL}:8443The gRPC URL to advertise to clients.
STATIC_UI_PATH/app/ui/publicThe path where the UI assets resides
PLUGIN_AUDIT_PATH/opt/hoop/sessionsThe path where the temporary sessions are stored
PLUGIN_INDEX_PATH/opt/hoop/indexesThe path where the temporary indexes are stored
GIN_MODEreleaseTurn on (debug) logging of routes
LOG_ENCODINGjsonThe encoding of output logs (console)
LOG_LEVELinfoThe verbosity of logs (debug,info,warn,error)
LOG_GRPC“1” enables logging gRPC protocol
ORG_MULTI_TENANTEnable organization multi-tenancy
ASK_AI_CREDENTIALSThe ChatGPT credentials in URL format: <scheme>://_:<apikey>@<api-host>
WEBHOOK_APPKEYThe application key to send messages to the webhook provider.
ADMIN_USERNAMEadminChanges the name of the group to act as admin