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This integration only accepts SCRAM authentication for native connections.


The table below outlines the features available for this type of connection.

  • Native - This refers to when a database client connects through a specific protocol, such as an IDE or client libraries.
  • One Off - This term refers to when a Hoop client performs ad hoc executions through a web app or Hoop CLI.
FeatureNativeOne OffDescription
TLS Termination Proxy

The local proxy terminates the connection with TLS, enabling the connection with the remote server to be TLS encrypted.

The gateway stores and audits the queries being issued by the client
Data Masking (DLP)

A policy can be enabled to mask sensitive fields dynamically when performing queries in the database.
Credentials Offload

The user authenticates via SSO instead of using database credentials.
Interactive Access

Interactive access is available when using an IDE or connecting via a terminal for analysis exploration.


CONNECTION_STRINGenv-varyesThe MongoDB connection string. See for more details about the proper format.
hoop admin create conn mongo --type database/mongodb \
	-a <agent> \
  -e CONNECTION_STRING=mongodb+srv://<user>:<password>@<host>:<port>/?<options>

There’s a limitation when using an IDE (hoop connect) to connect to a MongoDB server that utilizes the SRV Connection Format (mongodb+srv) or is part of a cluster setup. The integration selects the first host from the connection string, which could be a secondary replica, thus preventing the client from performing any updates.

How to Use

Start an interactive session and forward the default port (27018) locally.

hoop connect mongo
connection: mongo | session: f2e7634a-f4c4-47cd-bee6-48da080e2a23


In the same connection, one-off processes can be executed.

hoop exec mongo <<EOF
    title: "The Favourite",
    genres: [ "Drama", "History" ],
    runtime: 121,
    rated: "R",
    year: 2018,
    directors: [ "Yorgos Lanthimos" ],
    cast: [ "Olivia Colman", "Emma Stone", "Rachel Weisz" ],
    type: "movie"
hoop exec mongo -- --eval 'db.movies.find()'
hoop exec mongo -i 'db.movies.find()'