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To start interacting with your workloads in Heroku, install the hoop command line and signup.

  1. Hoop Command Line
  2. Signup at Hoop Dev
  3. Deploy the agent that will interact with the Heroku Platform

Leave the inputs TOKEN and VERSION empty.


  1. Check the logs of the agent, it should appear a URL. Copy and paste it in the browser and register the agent.

The logs could be viewed by using the heroku command line or from the heroku dashboard

Heroku Agent Register

Persisting the Agent Token

This step is recommended to avoid having to register the agent again if the dyno restarts.

  1. Save the token in the URL x-agt-6ce6...
  2. Add a environment variable to the agent app
  • Go to Settings > Config Vars
  • Add a variable with the key TOKEN
  • Add the token (x-agt...) to the input value

Config Vars Reference


If you need to redeploy the agent in another app, click in the deploy button again and pass the agent token in the input field TOKEN

Associating with Connections


If the registered agent doesn't appear, try to refresh the webapp.

Interacting with the Connection

  1. Open a terminal and sign-in
hoop login
  1. Connect to agent-bash
hoop connect agent-bash

That's it! Now you've connected in an interactive session inside a heroku app. After disconnecting it, check if there's any recorded session available at

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