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Kubernetes | resources

Hoop could be configured to use the kubectl command line to manage resources or execute actions on workloads in Kubernetes.

Connection Configuration

KUBECONFIGfilesystemA kubeconfig file with permission to exec into pods in a namespace

Connection Command


How to Use

# view pods in the default namespace
hoop exec k8s -- get pods
# restart an app
hoop exec k8s -- rollout restart deployment/myapp
# scale up an app
hoop exec k8s -- scale --replicas=3 deployment/myapp

It's possible to narrow down the commands in distinct connections, this gives a better user experience

  • Update the connection with the command bellow
kubectl --namespace prod rollout

Then it's possible

hoop exec k8s -- restart deployment/myapp
hoop exec k8s -- undo deployment/myapp