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Heroku | exec

The utility is a wrapper for the heroku ps:exec command. It starts an SSH server daemon alongside the processes that are running in the dyno.

This mode is useful when there's a necessity to check or change the state of an application in a particular dyno. However it's more intrusive since it allows to interact it directly with the state of the app.


  • Sometime the command fails silently to get executed
  • Requires restarting dynos if this feature is not eanabled for the app
  • Sometimes requires restarting the dyno informing that the dyno is not available

Connection Configuration

HEROKU_API_KEYenv-varThe API KEY to interact with heroku platform API

Connection Command


How to Use


This modes requires the feature runtime-heroku-exec, the script will restart the app without any prompt if the feature is not enabled. Reference

Check the help usage for this connection

hoop exec heroku:psexec -- --help

Starting an interactive session

# bash interactive session
hoop connect heroku:psexec -- --interactive --app [APP-NAME]

The heroku ps:exec command doesn't allow starting interactive sessions with other processes, only with bash.

To run one-off processes. The --pipe option pipes the command to the given executable in the app.

hoop exec heroku:psexec -- --app [APP-NAME] --pipe 'python' <<EOF
import os
# run in a specific dyno
hoop exec heroku:psexec -i 'pp ENV' -- --app [APP-NAME] --dyno web.2 --pipe 'rails runner -'
hoop exec heroku:psexec -i 'ls -l' -- --app [APP-NAME] --pipe 'bash'
echo 'import os; print(os.environ)' | hoop exec heroku:psexec -- --app [APP-NAME] --pipe 'python'

Check the status of the SSH in the app

hoop exec heroku:psexec -- --app [APP-NAME] --status