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AWS ECS | exec

The AWS Elastic Container Service allows connecting to tasks and starting interactive sessions. It's possible to map these commands to Hoop to obtain interactive sessions allocating a pseudo TTY.


It's important to configure the ECS tasks before trying this feature, please refer to the AWS documentation first

Connection Configuration

CLUSTER_NAMEenv-varThe name or arn of the ECS Cluster
SERVICE_NAMEenv-varThe name of the service on ECS
AWS_ACCESS_KEY_IDenv-varThe access key credential
AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEYenv-varThe secret key credential

Connection Command --interactive --cluster=$CLUSTER_NAME --service-name=$SERVICE_NAME

How to Use

Start an interactive session

hoop connect my-ecs -- --pipe /bin/bash
hoop connect my-ecs -- --pipe 'rails console'
hoop connect my-ecs -- --pipe clojure