Configure and Receive Events for User Actions


Whenever a user takes an action, events are sent to your own endpoint for further processing. This data can be used to build custom dashboards or analytics.
Webhooks are delivered via HTTPS requests. To receive them, you need to provide a valid URL that accepts a POST request. You must be able to receive, parse, and validate these requests.

Receiving Webhooks

As an admin, go to your portal's settings page and click on Webhooks Configuration. From there, you will be able to set up your endpoint.
Refer to the documentation for instructions on how to configure one or more endpoints to receive the events.

Validating the HTTP Requests

To prevent impersonation and replay attacks, it is important to ensure that the request came from a trusted source. You can achieve this by validating the request signature. In the endpoint configuration page, you will find the signing secret.
Use the signature secret to validate the request, and do not share this secret with anyone.