• An account in AWS
  • API_URL is the public DNS name of the hoop gateway instance

Contact the administrator of the hoop gateway instance to retrieve the API_URL address.


Create a User Pool

Go to AWS Management Panel > AWS Cognito > User Pools > Create User Pool

  • Select the checkbox User Name and Email and click Next
  • In Multi Factor Authentication, change it No MFA and click Next
  • In Requirement Attributes select: name and click Next
  • On Message Delivery configure it and click Next

Integrate Your App Section

  • Select a name for the user pool. e.g.: hoopgateway
  • Select the checkbox Use the Cognito Hosted UI
  • Configure the Cognito domain
  • In Initial App Client, select Public Client and add an App client name
  • Select the option Generate Client Secret
  • Add the URL of the callback to {API_URL}/api/callback
  • In Advanced app client settings, select the checkbox ALLOW_USER_PASSWORD_AUTH
  • Configure the scopes Email, OpenID and Profile
  • Leave all the rest of options as default, click in Next and create the user pool

Collect the Credentials

  • Go to the created user pool
  • Select the tab App Integration > Click on hoopauth
  • Copy the Client ID and Client Secret

Collect Issuer Information

The URL is composed by the id of the user pool: https://cognito-idp.<aws-region><user-pool-id>