• Have properly installed through one of the options available in the installation area
  • Enough access to your infrastructure so you can load environment variables to your instance
  • Have admin access to your instance

This page is dedicated to the setup of AI Data Masking in self-hosted instances. If you are looking for the Learn Guides of AI Data Masking, click here.

Set up

You must be on an enterprise plan to have access to the AI Data Masking feature.

Create an account at Google Cloud Data Loss Prevention and get your credentials.

When installing, you need to set the environment variable GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS_JSON with your GCP DLP credentials in hoop’s Gateway. uses Google Cloud’s DLP at our protocol layer to mask sensitive data in real-time in the data stream of any connection you configure.

Activate to your connections

Navigate to your Web App instance > Open the Manage toggle > click at AI Data Masking > Activate by connection and to configure which fields you want to set, hit the “Configure” button.

How it works

At the protocol layer when communicating with a database or server, will open the package and communicate with Google Cloud DLP to mask sensitive data in it. This happens in memory and in real-time, so the data is never stored in the database or server in its original form.

After the setup, we automatically give you a bunch of default and most used fields, so you don’t need to worry much about that part either. You can remove or add fields as much as you like. To see all fields available, check our documentation page for all fields supported.

Future support

We plan to expand our support to other DLP providers in the future. If you have a specific provider you would like us to support, schedule a demo with us and let us know about it.