Hoop Just Works (part 1/3)

This blogpost is part 1/3 and I'll be showing how Hoop integrates seamless with major cloud platforms like Heroku, AWS and Kubernetes.

Beginning from version 1.14.11+ we have shipped a new way of getting started with the agent setup on Heroku. Using our custom buildpack and editing the main process of your application it's all there's needed to grant secure access control console to applications running on Heroku.

How it Works

1. Add our custom buildpack containing the hoop agent

heroku buildpacks:add --index 1 \

2. Generate a DSN key with the hoop command line

HOOP_DSN=$(hoop admin create clientkeys dev)

3. Configure the required environment variables

heroku config:set HOOP_DSN=$HOOP_DSN
heroku config:set HOOP_CONNECTION=myapp

4. Edit the Procfile from your main application

echo 'web: hoopwrapper -- bundle exec puma -C config/puma.rb' > Procfile

5. Deploy it

git commit -am 'add hoop agent'
git push heroku main

6. Connect it

hoop connect dev:myapp

Check our documentation for more information.

The next part (2/3) we'll be showing how to connect to AWS ECS painlessly.