Releases #10

Create new users from Slack and synchronous Tasks execution.​

This week brings two important updates that will make Runops a lot better.

πŸ’¬ Create new users from Slack​

Now everyone in your Slack workspace can join Runops, automatically! Anyone can type the /runops register command anywhere. We will ask for a few extra information and notify an admin. After the admin approval, the user is ready to use Runops! All happening within Slack.

␖ Synchronous commands​

When you create a Task with the CLI or Slack, they will run and return the logs automatically for Tasks without reviews. This is great for user Runops as a replacement to the CLIs you use today to access things in real-time. Type a command and get the results, just like you do using the tools directly, but with all the goodies of Runops.