Release: Runbooks Plugin

Hi, I'm Rogerio and I bring news 🚀

This is the new plugin, Runbooks! Now you can integrate any git repository and use scripts from there to run or rerun any time and how you desire.

How does it work?

Easy, firstly you need to install it from our plugin store

After being installed you need to configure it and decide which connection will be able to use the Runbooks plugin. Don't forget you also need to set up a git repository using one of the two choices, public or private repository.

The extra config in the connection is the path inside the repository, also you can not provide anything and this connection will be able to use your entire repository!

And the last but not least, you will need to run a script. Just go to the runbooks page in the header and choose a connection to do it.

That's it all, folks!
I see you soon with more news about