PAM with advanced workflows and automations using AI

PAM with advanced workflows and automations using AI

Explore how, a leading privileged access management solution, effortlessly integrates into your engineering workflows, providing unprecedented data protection and advanced automations using AI.

In this video, we dive into features like the SSO connector, which fortifies tools without SSO support, adding strong authentication to everything from databases to servers and containers. Watch how seamlessly centralizes all resources, workflows, and automations that engineers need via its Developers Platform.

See how you can replace static keys and credentials with dynamic OIDC tokens, enabling native databases to use temporary identity tokens. Learn about's real-time AI-based identification and redaction of personally identifiable information (PII), improving your data privacy without hindering engineers' workflows.

Discover the simplicity of gaining secure access with Forget about the complexities of SSH, VPNs, keys, server addresses, and credentials. Witness how this platform can be integrated into existing workflows after signing in with SSO, using Kubernetes as an example.

Enjoy a guided tour of's powerful audit and search capabilities. Every action is logged and indexed, allowing you to quickly search contents of a session for troubleshooting. Moreover, explore the advanced indexer that enables you to search across any interaction with your infrastructure.

Finally, get a peek at's workflow capabilities. See how you can open a web IDE directly from your browser, deliver read-only access to databases with sensitive data, and implement reliability checks for executing operations. Learn about the real-time notifications and approvals via Slack, enhancing control over execution requests.

Harness the power of, where everything is audited, indexed, and searchable for ultimate transparency and control. This is the future of secure, efficient engineering workflow management.

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