Access Management Built for Healthtech

Safeguard developers' access to sensitive patient information, optimize operations, and fortify your healthtech security with one unified solution.

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Vinicius Suzano
SRE Engineering Manager @ RD Station

We used to have an in-house tool to control access to databases. We could never keep up with the features requested by our internal users. In one week hoop replaced it.

Matheus Sandre
DevOps Tech Lead @ Enjoei

No security tool has such a deep integration into developers workflows. Removing PII and auditing live Rails Console sessions is impressive.

Simplify Access Management with SSO

Empower your developers with secure Single Sign-On (SSO) access to all production services. Eliminate the need to manage credentials and reduces the risk of unauthorized access in your Healthtech environment.

Protect Patient Data with PHI Redaction

Automatically scrub protected health information (PHI) from developer interactions, ensuring HIPAA compliance and reducing the risk of data breaches. Safeguard sensitive patient data without compromising productivity.

Maintain Full Visibility with Detailed Audit Logs

Log every developer action within production services, providing a transparent audit trail for your security team. Easily track and analyze data access, streamline audits, and maintain complete control over your Healthtech infrastructure.

Customize Access with Dynamic Authorization Rules

Break free from static RBAC rules and create advanced authorization logic. Use Just-In-Time grants, single-command access, and dynamic PHI redaction to optimize security management and save valuable time.

Manage Access Across Diverse Technologies

An unified interface allows security teams to manage access rules across databases, containers, cloud providers, and more. Streamline operations and secure Healthtech infrastructure with one comprehensive solution.

Protect patients data and empower developers

Trusted by Healthtech Industry Leaders

Trusted by Healthtech Industry Leaders