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Scripts | one-off

Allows executing one-off scripts using the underlying Operating System tools.

Connection Command


This mode requires the agent running on top of a Linux that has the python3 runtime.

How to Use

Now it's possible to execute python scripts straight from Hoop

hoop exec python3-prod -i 'import os; print(os.environ)'
# asumming the runtime has the boto3 dependency installed
hoop exec python3-prod <<EOF
s3 = boto3.client('s3')
response = s3.list_buckets()

print('Existing buckets:')
for bucket in response['Buckets']:
print(f' {bucket["Name"]}')

It's possible to start an interactive session with pyhon

hoop connect python3-prod

Calling scripts are easy too

hoop exec python3-prod -- /tmp/