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AWS | resources

Hoop could be configured to use the aws command line to manage resources in multiple accounts

Connection Configuration

AWS_ACCESS_KEY_IDenv-varThe access key credential
AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEYenv-varThe secret key credential
AWS_REGIONenv-varThe AWS region

Use an IAM credential with reduced scope to only create secrets and/or listing ecs services

Connection Command

  • secretsmanager
aws secretsmanager create-secret
  • list-services-prod
aws ecs list-services --cluster prod

How to Use

Now it's possible to create credentials on AWS Secrets Manager service

hoop exec secretsmanager -- \
--name MyTestSecret
--description "My test secret created with the CLI." \
--secret-string "{\"user\":\"diegor\",\"password\":\"EXAMPLE-PASSWORD\"}"

Or listing ECS Services from cluster prod

hoop exec list-services-prod